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Venezuela appoints new ministers of Electricity and Finances
Source: ABN

Caracas, January 19th, 2010.- The appointment of Ali Rodriguez Araque as head of Venezuela's Ministry of People's Power for Electricity was released on Official Gazette Nº 39.348, dated on Monday January 18th 2010.

According to the Decree Nº 7,177 issued by the Presidency of the Republic, the appointment comes into force since Tuesday Jan. 19th.

Rodriguez Araque, who had been holding the position of Minister of People's Power for Economy and Finances, will substitute Angel Rodriguez, who was in the post since October 29th 2009.

Similalry, by means of the decree Nº 7,178, Jorge Giordani is appointed as head of the Ministry of People's Power for Economy and Finances, who is in charge of merging this office with the Ministry of Planning and Development.

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